The 7 steps of learning calligraphy

The usal steps for beginners to learn calligraphy can be defined as follow:

1/ Identify and observe carefully the basic forms and curves of the hand you want to learn. Measure the proportions of the letters.

2/ Reproduce the basic forms and curves in the training page of Calligraphy Art app. The guidelines are pre-drawn according to the letter height and the nib width. The default pen angle is also set up. And the digital paper is longer than your screen, its size is 1536x458 pixels.

3/ Draw each letter as much as you nead to perfect it. The digital drawing tool is really convenient for that, because you can undo, erase and clear at will.

4/ Draw one word all in minuscules or majuscules.

5/ Draw words by combining majuscule and minuscules. You can use the helpful « merge font » button (located at the right of the toolbar) to navigate between minuscules and majuscules models.

6/ Draw a short sentence in the training page.

7/ Draw a proverb, a wish or a poem in several lines in the full page. And some decorations. Just be creative !